Hamburg, Germany's second largest city, is my home since 2003. It is also home to Europe's second largest harbour. This harbour at the river Elbe makes an ideal photospot whatever weather you may face.


Take a look at my Hamburg shots. I often walk around the harbour area and also do street photography in this city.

You can find blogposts on Hamburg down below.

My Top Ten Hamburg pictures

Collecting a Top Ten of your hometown is never an easy process. I came up with a harbour heavy Top Ten that also has quite some black and white shots in between. Hope you enjoy it - leave a comment if you like.

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Elbe from above

After already showing you the Hamburg from above blogpost this week is about the Elbe from above. We started our one hour flight at at the tiny airport of Uetersen, about an hour northwest of Hamburg by car on a Friday afternoon.

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Hamburg from above

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My best guided tours

Climbing Ayers Rock, Australia, August 2001

You can easily see that these pictures at the start of my list are the oldest. They are film and diapositives from 2001 in Australia. We spent six weeks down under in Australia and New Zealand with a field trip from university and kicked it off with the red centre before joining the group. We climbed Ayers Rock (or "Uluru" as the Aborigines call it) on an early and very windy morning. Afterwards the sun came out and we circled the famous Australian inselberg. A stunning place to stand on top off and the first example for my best guided tours.

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My Top Ten Night Photography

Copenhagen, Denmark

I started my photography year of 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark in January. After a day full of work I found some time to spent in Nyhavn, the old harbour of Copenhagen. I did some long exposure and it was very, very cold. Quite liked the result of the smooth water in Nyhavn in this pic. Find our more about my "At night" work. If you are interested in some more Copenhagen images click here.

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River Elbe - Lifeline of Hamburg

Moonlight over the Köhlbrandbrücke; January 2014
Moonlight over the Köhlbrandbrücke; January 2014
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My Top Ten Street Photography

I choose my Top Ten pictures every year and thought about my Top Ten street photography images as a blogpost. Collecting my very best street moments from all over the place. If you want more of this check my street photography gallery.

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Spectacular metro stations at HafenCity

I work in the middle of the city and I usually take an hour for my lunch break. I had to work between Christmas and New Year's Eve and decided to take the camera along lunchtime. Took the metro U4 - which is the newest in Hamburg - and stopped at HafenCity Universität. Look what colours I came up with.

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Elbphilharmonie - Fertig!

After seven years of building and ten times the planned costs the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg opens on January 11, 2017. It will hopefully serve the Hanseatic city as one of the best concert halls in the world and definitely as an architectural landmark in the middle of the Port of Hamburg. I shot this picture in December 2016 during my first time on the Elbphilharmonie plaza. This picture even got featured on Instagram by @Elbphilharmonie and received way more than 1.300 likes. A few weeks before the construction workers illuminated windows of the Elbphilharmonie reading "Fertig" (finished).


The Elbphilharmonie plaza is on top of the former warehouse "Kaispeicher A"  from 1963 and below the actual concert hall. Happy to see that after years of building and skyrocketing costs people and media will discuss its purpose as a concert hall from now on. If you haven't been up yourself you have to go!


The first part of this blogpost shows the recent pictures even from the plaza. The other pictures show the Elbphilharmonie in the making over the last years. The iconic shape of the roof has been finished for quite a while know when the problem was still the interior. Let me know what you think of this building.

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