South Africa - From Port Elizabeth via Capetown to Paternoster

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My Top Ten beaches (so far)

Looking through photo collections brings up some new ideas for blogposts. I flipped through my beaches collection and decided to show you my top ten beaches that I have been to so far. Check if anything looks familiar to you and let me know in the comments below.

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Top Ten 2016

Welcome to my 2016 highlights! Each year I collect my top ten shots and this is what I came up with in 2016. Hope you enjoy!

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The beauty of Table Mountain and Lion's Head

Capetown is one of my favorite cities in the world. One of the reasons is its natural beauty with stunning geological formations like the Table Mountain and Lion's Head. I have been there twice back in 2014 and 2016. This is a collection of my favorite shots and experience of these two places.

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Bo-Kaap - Colourful Capetown

Bo-Kaap is the most colourful place I have ever seen. Situated at the foot of Signal Hill in Capetown, South Africa, it is home to the Cape's Muslim Community. Many of its about 6000 residents are descendants of slaves from Malaysia (therefore they are generally known as "Cape-Malay"), Indonesia and different parts of Africa. The slaves were brought by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th century.


I have been here two years ago and spent another afternoon in Bo-Kaap during my last stay in Capetown in March 2016. It was just a 5 min walk away from our guest house. The colour especially pops during sunset and during my walk the muezzin called for the afternoon prayer.

Hope you enjoy all the colour. On top of that I edited a little video to give you a sense of beautiful Bo-Kaap.




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De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop is a special place

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Grootbos Flowers

We travelled to South Africa in February 2014 and spent quite some time along the Garden Route. At the end of the road trip we stayed two nights at the beautiful Grootbos resort. Grootbos lies about a 2.30 h drive from Capetown at the Walker Bay Nature Reserve. During our stay lots of free tours were offered, one of them endeavoring the Grootbos flowers around the premises. We saw a lot of proteas, the signature flower of South Africa and even managed to see a long-tailed cape sugarbird (see picture below). The flora around Walker Bay Nature Reserve is really stunning and worth a trip.

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A Morning with Meerkats

I found a leaflet of Meerkat Adventures during our stay in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. And off we were on the next and very early morning for a sunrise with the meerkat family. It was one of the best tours on animals I did in my whole life! You sit only 5 m away from their barrow and enjoy their morning routine (which is basically getting their belly warmed up by the sun before going off foraging for the rest of the day). After the morning routine you would not be able to find them during the day anymore due to the high bushes. There is no spot in the world to get a similar experience that close without disturbing them. Find out more about my South Africa trip via this link.

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