39/52 Elbe from above

After already showing you the Hamburg from above blogpost this week is about the Elbe from above. We started our one hour flight at at the tiny airport of Uetersen, about an hour northwest of Hamburg by car.

38/52 Hara Submarine Base in Estonia

Hara Submarine Base is a former Soviet submarine station. You won't believe what they did there!

37/52 Hamburg from above

What better way to start a weekend than flighing above your hometown with two very special airport approaches: Hamburg from above

Estonia 2017

If you want to please Estonians call Estonia a Nordic instead of a Baltic country! Check my first time in Estonia.

France 2017

Are you up for some Provence beauty, some Alsace timber-frame and some cold and snowy mountains? Check this out!

Rome 2017

A full week in Rome filled with long exposure work, street photography and architectural landmarks all the way.

Sylt - Germany's northernmost island

Back from a wedding weekend on Germany's northernmost island I added some pictures to my existing Sylt collection.

Video: With the Elbe Pilots towards Sunset

I made my first proper video.  It features my ride with one of the largest container ships on the Elbe river. Enjoy!

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