52/52 I finished my one blogpost a week project!

2017 is over and I have finshed my first weekly photo project! For 52 weeks in a row I posted a photo blogpost every Monday. I look back at my findings, highlights and disappointments. Come take a look with me!

51/52 Top Ten 2017

It is that time of year: Check my Top Ten 2017 photos before I finish my #52projectJA next week.

50/52 Blue Port Hamburg

I love long exposures and shooting on tripods. Every other year Hamburg features the Blue Port. Parts of the harbour are then lit in blue for about ten days. A perfect time for photographers to take pictures of their city in a different vibe.


#52projectJA is my hashtag on Twitter and instagram for my weekly blogpost in 2017. Check what you find, if you haven't already! Here is my blog.

Top Ten 2017

This is my Top Ten 2017!

Top Ten 2016

This is my Top Ten 2016!

Top Ten 2015

This is my Top Ten 2015!

5 Tips to become the best landscape photographer

Video: With the Elbe Pilots towards Sunset

I made my first proper video.  It features my ride with one of the largest container ships on the Elbe river. Enjoy!

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