Top Ten 2019

Aerial of Whitsunday Island

Welcome to my Top Ten 2019. This year's collection is special, I promise! Most of it is from a three month trip down under and around the world. Enjoy last year's Top Ten!

Top Ten 2018

Fertilia coast during sunrise

This is my Top Ten 2018!

Top Ten 2017

Wasserschloss of Speicherstadt Hamburg at night

This is my Top Ten 2017!

Top Ten 2016

Ardez, Engadine

This is my Top Ten 2016!

Hawai'i photo gallery

Aerial view of Na Pali Coast

2019 became a year of bucket list items and firsts. And on top of that list is Hawai'i. I just love volcanic islands and vast landscapes. If that is combined with some subtropical vibes - what else could you ask for? We toured the four bigger islands of O'ahu, Kaua'i, Hawai'i Island and Maui and almost spent a month in the 50th US state. This is my Hawai'i photo gallery.

Video: With the Elbe Pilots towards Sunset

Container ship on Elbe during sunset

I made my first proper video.  It features my ride with one of the largest container ships on the Elbe river. Enjoy!


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