We went for a day trip to the famous Grand Canyon as our final highlight at the end of our trip around the world of 2019. MORE


We went to Austria for ten days in September/October 2015. Started in Salzburg and ended around the lakes in Salzkammergut. MORE


I wanted to take photos of Nyhavn in Copenhagen and did so during my stay in December 2014. It just took me two hours but was freezing cold! MORE


I have been to Dubai many times since 2007 but never for vacation only. We spent some ten days in the UAE in February 2019 and I had plenty of time to enjoy photography. MORE


Fiji wasn't really on my bucket list, but in between our trip from New Zealand to Hawai'i we decided to spent a week there. And let me tell you, it holds up to its cliche. MORE


We spent our first proper vacation in France in June 2017. It was a three weeks roadtrip through Southern France and the beauty of the Provence was in focus. MORE 


2019 became a year of bucket list items and firsts. And on top of that list is Hawai'i. I just love volcanic islands and vast landscapes. We toured O'ahu, Kaua'i, Hawai'i Island and Maui. MORE


Went to India In Feb 2013. Started in  Delhi, flew to Udaipur and Rajasthan. Agra was on our list and we did a train ride to Varanasi. I have never seen a country as visually compelling as this. MORE


We spent the Easter break of 2019 in beautiful Lisbon. Portugals capital sits on seven hills and spreads along the Tero river. MORE


What better way to finish a three month trip around the world than with a stay in Las Vegas? But Nevada has more to offer than the Strip. Valley of Fire, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are along its must-sees. MORE 


Travelled Norway in May 2014. Got really good weather. Started in Stavanger, went north, stayed in  Bergen, did some fjords and back via Rondane National Park to Oslo. MORE


My first visit to the eternal city was in April 2017. Rome is definitely a place to come back to. MORE






Visited Sicily for the first time in April 2012. Spent a few days on Stromboli and really liked the volcanic eruption. Afterwards we payed a visit to the Etna. MORE





This is my Slovakia photo collection after a short road trip along the natural treasures, historical monuments and the city streets of its capital. MORE

South Africa

I have been to South Africa three times already (Feb 2014, March 2016 and January to March 2020). Find my gallery of remarkable landscapes! MORE


The beautiful island of Sylt is worth a tour even if it is just for the weekend. MORE


My second trip to Australia was a month long and took us from Queensland to Sydney. We used and RV and stopped  wherever there was something nice to see. MORE


Had a few hours to kill during a stay in Berlin. Took a stroll around the city in March 2015. MORE

Costa Rica

Costa Rica was really high on my bucket list. It was about time to go there in March 2012. Spent nearly three weeks in the beautiful country and endeavored some really nice flora and fauna. MORE


Nov 2014 was about time to enter Egypt. Due to the unstable situation  the country faced a drop in tourism by 90 %. We started in Giza, travelled three oases in Western Desert and finished in Luxor. MORE


Started in Miami, went to the keys and further to the west coast of Southern Florida. Really enjoyed the Everglades landscape and the fauna.  MORE


In August 2015 Poland was on my list. At the end of the trip we stayed in Gdansk and I went out during a nice Summer night for some pics of the Hanseatic city. MORE


Iceland is one of my ultimo favorite countries for landscapes and seascapes. See why I love it so much looking at my pictures from the 2016 road trip. MORE


Shortly after the first movements of the Arab spring in February 2012 I visited Jordan for the first time. Travelled from North to South and really enjoyed the country. MORE





We spent our honeymoon on Mauritius in May 2015. Really enjoyed the cultural and religious diversity and the tropical climate. MORE 



New Zealand

New Zealand is one of my favorite countries in the world. After visiting for the first time back in 2001 I was lucky enough to spent almost a month RVing the country in 2019. MORE


Went up early during my stay in Prague early October 2015. Got some nice long exposure shots of the famous Charles bridge. MORE





We flew to Sardinia in September 2018 to travel the Italian island from South to North. Come follow along with my pictures. MORE


Singapore is the classic stopover destination and so it was for us on our trip down under in 2019. We spent two nights in the tropical city just after the famous Formula One Grand Prix. MORE


My first time in beautiful Slovenia was in September 2021. We stopped at the Adrian Sea, in the capital and in the Julian Alps. Find out about the countries stunning land- and seascapes. MORE

Southern Tyrol

In August 2016 we went to Southern Tyrol first the first time. Just a few days but enough to know that we have to come back. Find out why. MORE


Mid April I was in Wroclaw, Poland. I did a photo walk very early morning to endeavor the city since I never visited Poland before. MORE