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Superkilen - Copenhagen's diversity park

Superkilen is a public park in Copenhagen's Nørrebro district that celebrates cultural diversity. MORE

Rome Street Photography

During my last visit in Rome I had plenty of opportunities for street photography. Check what I came home with from Italy's capital. MORE

Street photography - Egypt style

A blogpost filled with Street photography at the pyramids in Giza, the Western Desert oasis, Luxor and Cairo and lots of Donkey carts. MORE

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Top Ten 2017

Welcome to my Top Ten 2017! Each year I collect my best ten shots and this is what I came up with in 2017.

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My Top Ten Hamburg pictures

Collecting a Top Ten of your hometown is never an easy process. I came up with a harbour heavy Top Ten that also has quite some black and white shots in between. Hope you enjoy it - leave a comment if you like.

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Superkilen - Copenhagen's diversity park

Superkilen in Copenhagen's district Nørrebro
Superkilen, an urban development project in Copenhagen's district Nørrebro
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Rome Street Photography

Whenever I am in a big city street photography becomes part of my daily shooting. What I love about it is that you easily can integrate it whilst walking along the touristy spots. It doesn't even matter that you shoot during midday since the houses and streets have plenty of light and shadow for you to play with. I spent a week in Rome during March 2017 and it was my first time in Italy's capital. This blogpost features my street photography this beautiful old city. If you are interested my other articles on Rome check here for St. Peter's BasilicaCastel Sant'Angelo, My Top Ten Rome pictures, my Colosseum blogpost and my Rome gallery

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My Top Ten Rome Pictures

I never made it to Rome until March 2017. Europe has so many things to offer, but the rest of the world also does. So I generally tend to go intercontinental in my long vacation since it is easier to endeavor Europe's beauty later in life. Anyway, after a two hour flight from Hamburg it was time for almost a week in the capital of Italy. I had time to reflect on the trip to come up with my Top Ten Rome Pictures this week. if you like what you see make sure to check my other blogposts on Rome: St. Peter's BasilicaCastel Sant'Angelo, Rome Street Photography and my Rome gallery

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Street photography - Egypt style

Egypt is a paradise for street photography. I went to Egypt for the first time in November 2014 with my best friend and we spent 10 days there. We started in touristy Giza, made our way through the oases of the Western Desert, spent some days in ancient Luxor and Thebes and finally got back to Cairo again.


With our own car, driver and guide we were able to stop wherever we saw a picture. Since most of the scenes in rural Egypt look very different to European eyes we stopped quite a lot. Enjoy my street photography along the road.


And check out my other Egypt pictures as well as my street photography on this site.

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My Top Ten Street Photography

I choose my Top Ten pictures every year and thought about my Top Ten street photography images as a blogpost. Collecting my very best street moments from all over the place. If you want more of this check my street photography gallery.

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Hamburg from below

I wanted to come up with a small series of pictures done differently. During a recent afternoon photo walk along Hamburg harbour I took my small Manfrotto table tripod (Pixi Mini) with me. It is only 20 cm high and gives a stable, but very low perspective. Every image below is done from this tripod slightly above street level and shoot with the Canon EF 16-35 mm wide angle. I really like this different approach of an area that I shot many times before. Since we had the typical December weather (not too cold but cloudy and wet) I decided to go black and white. My walk took me from St. Pauli Landungsbrücken all the way to the architectural landmark of Docklands. This is by far my favorite photo walk in Hamburg harbour. Feel free to comment on this series. I am very interested in your feedback. Enjoy my view of Hamburg from below!

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"Selfie Generation" on

My street pic "Selfie Generation" got featured on photofocus. I wanted to shoot the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin differently than just straight lines and this is what I came up with. Would love to see their taken selfie including a sixth unexpected person in the back.


Marco Larousse picked my photo and wrote:

"Why I picked this image: Street photography and documentary photography can go hand in hand. And this image is a strong example of that. We are currently experiencing the “generation selfie”. What looks common to us now may be a typical historical image showing what people did in 2015 for future generations. Always keep that in mind when you go out to take pictures in the streets!"


Marco is also from Hamburg and a constant inspiration and how you can shoot your home town as a street photography. Be sure to check out his website. Thanks, Marco and photofocus!





Market Day in Mauritius

It was our last Sunday during the two week vacation on Mauritius. I drove to Centre de Flacq, a bustling little town near the east coast of the island. Went for the Sunday market with the colorful fruits and vegetables and all the locals. 90 min in I was still one of the only non locals and the only one spending time there with a camera photographing the stands and people. I really enjoyed the time there with the colors and the smells. It felt like I was watching people's life on a typical Sunday without being seen - well, with a few occasions when the people of the market stall recognised me taking a picture of them. I even shot one of my favorite photos of 2015 there. Find out more about our trip to Mauritius via this gallery.

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Street photography in Berlin

I had some hours to kill in between two business appointments in Berlin end of March 2015. Went to the Holocaust Memorial, the former Tempelhof airport and finally back to the central station. Decided to do the pics all in black and white since I had to shoot in the middle of the day. Take a look!

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Street Photography in Varanasi - A visual feast

Street scene at Varanasi ghats, India
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