Welcome to my photography portfolio. Hope you get lost in my photography by looking at one of the categories below. I try to keep you updated with my regular blogposts. To find more about me click the "About" page. 

Best of

A collection of what I consider my best work. Let me know what you think about this.


I am a geographer by training and enjoy travelling the world. So far, plenty of trips even outside Europe. As of today, I travelled 43 countries. Still some on my bucket list, though.

Street Photography

What I like about Street photography is that you can spend an hour doing it wherever and whenever you like: at home, during your lunch break or abroad.


Black and White


My hometown: Hamburg. I moved here in 2003 from a small village near Münster. I want leave this Hanseatic beauty any time soon. See why!

I love black and white photos. Be it in street, architecture or sometimes even in landscape.

Landscape is one of my favorite genres of photography. Most of it wide angle, in recent times more often with a long lens. Check if you like what you see.

At night

Long exposure photography is one of my favorite genres. Maybe because it takes some time to consciously set up the tripod and wait for the exposure. Check out my results.


Normally, I do not plane for silhouette work. It just happens during sunset or with street photography. Still, I enjoy a sharp black silhouette in a frame.