Elbe from above

After already showing you the Hamburg from above blogpost this week is about the Elbe from above. We started our one hour flight at at the tiny airport of Uetersen, about an hour northwest of Hamburg by car on a Friday afternoon.

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Hamburg from above

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My Top Ten France pictures

After a really nice, joyful and relaxing three weeks road trip with some 4.600 km from Hamburg to Southern France and back this is my Top Ten France pictures collection. If you would like to see more and some more blogposts about France click here.

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Old town of Tallinn

Tallinn is known to be one of the best preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe. This Baltic beauty was once home to merchants from Germany, Denmark and other European countries. The name Tallinn or Tallinna is Estonian and is thought to be derived from Taani-linn(a), meaning 'Danish-town'. Its old town is a bustling place especially during daytime in the season when thousands of cruise tourists flood the inner city during day time.  Cobblestone lanes following a 13th century path and iron street lamps, gothic spires and medieval markets, cappuccino and Wi-Fi: The old town has it all.

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Epic light

Sometimes I see a picture and get an idea for a new blogpost. This one was kicked off by the Addo Elephant Park. I flipped through my Lightroom gallery and looked for some "epic light" shots. Hope you like this little collection and let me know if anything looks familiar to you.

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