One blogpost a week for a whole year

2017 is over and I have finshed my first weekly photo project! For 52 weeks in a row I posted a photo blogpost every Monday. It was a spontaneous decision during the last week of 2016. My website was already in place as a landing page and I already posted quite some blogposts under, but not on a weekly basis. #52projectJA became my hashtag on my twitter and my instagram account to find this content. Did you check it already?


With this no. 52 of 52 I would like to give you some findings and let you know about what was easy and what was difficult, what was surprising and what expectable. Hope you enjoy this last blogpost of 2017 and you enjoyed this year of content with me. I would be happy to receive some feedback at the end of the article! Have you been a regular reader and viewer of #52projectJA? What did you like, what did you miss? What didn't you like?


Let's dive a little deeper in my 2017 findings.

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Old town of Tallinn

Tallinn is known to be one of the best preserved medieval cities in Northern Europe. This Baltic beauty was once home to merchants from Germany, Denmark and other European countries. The name Tallinn or Tallinna is Estonian and is thought to be derived from Taani-linn(a), meaning 'Danish-town'. Its old town is a bustling place especially during daytime in the season when thousands of cruise tourists flood the inner city during day time.  Cobblestone lanes following a 13th century path and iron street lamps, gothic spires and medieval markets, cappuccino and Wi-Fi: The old town has it all.

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Hara Submarine Base in Estonia

"Does anyone have an idea what this is?", our Estonian tour guide asked when we arrived. We went on a day trip one hour east from Tallinn towards the Lahemaa National Park and stopped at the coast near the Estonian town of Hara. A beautiful, warm and sunny day at the Baltic Sea. Ahead of us a linear concrete structure reaching far into the sea. The area looked like an abandoned military station and in fact it was. "Something with submarines?", a participant from our group asked. "Right, but what exactly?", our guided replied. Well, I would never have guessed since I never heard of what was coming next.

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Linnahall - The former Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport

Front of Linnahall in Tallinn
Leading lines towards Linnahall in Tallinn
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