Walking the tidal flats to Neuwerk

It is good to plan your trip to Neuwerk well in advance once you want to walk to the island during a summer weekend and stay there over night. We did so mid June and started our tour on a Sunday morning. You either use your worn out sneakers or go barefoot through the tidal flats.  The curvy track is about 12 km and it takes you less than three hours. You have to cross some tidal inlets that will reach up to your knees. Starting in Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, you arrive on the island of Neuwerk, which surprisingly belongs to the city state of Hamburg although it is roughly 130 km away. If you do not want to walk the "Wattenmeer" you can either go by a horse carriage ("Wattwagen"), ride a horse or by bike. You will find a refreshing Wadden oasis ("Wattoase") as your halfway house before you start your finish. Once you made it Neuwerk rewards you with its quietness!

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