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Top Ten · 30 December 2018
Same procedure as every year? Yep! My Top Ten 2018 is ready. Hope you enjoy the pictures and their story.
Top Ten · 20 August 2017
This is my Top Ten France collection of our June 2017 road trip.

Travel · 13 August 2017
Cobblestone lanes following their 13th century path and iron street lamps. Gothic spires and medieval markets. Cappuccino and Wi-Fi. The old town of Tallinn has it all.
13 August 2017
Diving into your photo collection sometimes brings unexpected results: my favorite epic light pictures.

Travel · 19 June 2017
Did it snow on Mont Ventoux? In June? Looking from afar whilst standing in the lavender fields of the Provence the sandy limestone on top may appear like snow. The upper fourth of the Provence giant is covered in rocks after having left the treeline a couple a hundred meters below. It is hard to be in the Vaucluse, a western region of the Provence in Southern France, and not to see the highest mountain with 1909 m above sea level.
Travel · 16 September 2016
Interested in a behind a scenes of one of my most epic landscape shots ever? Check my Þórsmörk article!

Hamburg · 27 August 2016
Inspired by a Youtube video (German only) of the beautiful Pietzmoor at Lüneburger Heide I decided to go there for a Saturday night sunset and blue hour. The famous Lüneburger Heide is an hour south of Hamburg and a manmade cultural landscape. Besides the "Heide" (heather) you have some spots where "Torf" (peat) was cut in former time. The biggest still existing peat spot is Pietzmoor near the town of Schneverdingen (find location and description here). There is an almost square shaped...
Hamburg · 06 May 2016
Exactly one year ago I had the chance to join one of the largest container vessels in the world on the Elbe river. I made a short video to give you an idea of what it is like to spent the night on the river and come back to the Port of Hamburg during sunrise.

Hamburg · 09 September 2015
I love long exposures and shooting on tripods. Every other year Hamburg features the Blue Port. Parts of the harbour are then lit in blue for about ten days. A perfect time for photographers to take pictures of their city in a different vibe.
28 February 2015
Going westwards along the river Elbe is one of the most scenic walks in Hamburg. This is especially true during sunset since you are walking towards the sunset. I quite like the area at Altonaer Hafen since it is definitely less crowded than the Alster lake walk or the inner city region. You pass the famous Dockland office building which is shaped like a parallelogram. Opposite of the building they left an old harbour crane giving a nice contrast towards the modern glass and steel buildings....