How to use leading lines in photography

A curved street in Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA
A winding street at the Valley of Fire in Nevada acting as a leading line

Starting out in photography and looking at all the stunning pictures can be hard.


But finding out and applying the basic rules in photography isn't all that complicated. One of the photography techniques for a nicely composed photograph is leading lines.


Leading lines help the eye to enter a picture and they also guide it through your image. Normally, these lines lead the way towards the main subject of your image (if there is one). You can find leading lines formed by roads, rivers, fences, piers, boardwalks, shorelines, handrails, moving stairs, walls or train tracks. These lines can also help create a connection between the foreground and the background and give some depth to the picture. You should carefully consider to use leading lines in order to help the viewer endeavour your picture and lead them to your story. You will find plenty of examples for leading lines in photos down below. 


Once you master this simple technique it helps supporting the strengths of you image.

If this technique got you interested in learning more make sure to check my photography tips on the rule of thirds, framing in composition and taking pictures from down low. What is your favorite photography technique? And if you want another resource on leading lines check the 

Leading Lines in Photography article of www.pixpa.com.

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