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Top Ten 2022
Top Ten · 31 December 2022
Enjoy my Top Ten 2022 collection!

My Top Ten beaches
Top Ten · 14 April 2020
A blogpost about the Top Ten Beaches that I have seen in the world. Be prepared for beach beauty from Australia, Fiji, Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

Top Ten · 27 February 2020
This blogpost shows my Top Ten Hawai'i pictures. They were all taken during a late 2019 road trip on four of the Hawaiian islands.

Top Ten · 25 January 2020
2019 was a year of lots of (even unplanned) travel. We went down under and around the world for three month. Dubai, Lisbon, Cordoba, Australia, New Zealand, Hawai'i and Arizona made the cut. Please enjoy my Top Ten pictures!

Travel · 05 August 2017
A collection of my best guided tours from all over the world