Foggy Morning at Fuschlsee

After almost 10 days in Austria I finished my trip at Fuschlsee near Salzburg. Fuschlsee is one of the many glacier lakes in Austria and such a beauty. I went up early and started my photo shoot going from the hotel down to the lake through the wet and foggy grasslands. Took me 15 min to get there. It was a very cold and quite foggy morning. After setting up my tripod I started doing long exposures some even with an ND filter. The pics were shot at "Hofer Naturbadestrand" which is at the north-western end of the lake. It has a very long bathing jetty into the lake which offers a pleasing leading line into it. My intention was to photograph the sunrise. Due to the fog this morning there was not any. I ended up with an SD card full of dreamy and foggy morning shots which I even like more than the typical sunrise. Even managed to shoot some kind of selfie on the bench. You can find more pics of this trip at my Austria gallery. 

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