Oslo Opera House

At the end of my first 10 day trip to Norway we spent some days in beautiful Oslo. We got lucky with the weather during the trip and especially in the capital. We strolled through the pedestrian precinct and ended at the sea side of the Oslofjord with the stunning Oslo Opera House. Finished in 2008 is raises from the fjord with its glass and Carara marble shape and color. I very much enjoyed this Saturday afternoon end of May 2014 in Norway's capital. You can not only walk around, but on it! Interestingly enough the opera house was both build ahead of schedule and under the budget limit - eat this Elbphilharmonie! If you want to see more of my Norway pictures check my gallery.

And not only does the Opera house have a stunning outer shape. It is breathtaking even from within. The concert hall has a round shape and is covered with wood. It fits roughly 1.400 people and gives a nice contrast to the outer shape of glass, marble  and straight lines.

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