Mont Blanc - The white mountain

"It is -8 °C up there", I said. Looking up the Mont Blanc from the Chamonix valley it seemed far away. And it is: Like almost three kilometers higher than the valley. Chamonix is about 1000 m high and the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain of the alps and the EU, is 4810 m above sea level. We waited in line at the Chamonix cable car on that beautiful morning in early June. Unfortunately, it was quite windy up there and the ride was closed for almost 90 minutes. Afterwards, the 20 minutes ride up the Aiguille du Midi went pretty smoothly. The Aiguille du Midi is a 3842 m rock formation at the Mont Blanc massif and hosts the cable car station, a restaurant and some board walks with stunning views towards the mountain. We stopped in Chamonix for two nights on our way to Southern France to visit the famous "white mountain".

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My "Selfie Generation" got featured on

My street pic "Selfie Generation" got featured on photofocus. I wanted to shoot the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin differently than just straight lines and this is what I came up with. Would love to see their taken selfie including a sixth unexpected person in the back.


Marco Larousse picked my photo and wrote:

"Why I picked this image: Street photography and documentary photography can go hand in hand. And this image is a strong example of that. We are currently experiencing the “generation selfie”. What looks common to us now may be a typical historical image showing what people did in 2015 for future generations. Always keep that in mind when you go out to take pictures in the streets!"


Marco is also from Hamburg and a constant inspiration and how you can shoot your home town as a street photography. Be sure to check out his website. Thanks, Marco and photofocus!