At night

I love shooting at night, during sunrise or sunset and on a tripod. It takes way more effort than shooting handheld during day time, but normally it is worth it. Shooting at night goes normally along with shooting long exposure. And this makes for some beautiful light trails, motion blur and dreamy skies. Take a look at some of my best night shots. 

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Foggy Copenhagen

I went to Copenhagen in early November and spent a night out in the streets for some long exposure. Unfortunately, it was quite foggy that night. I shot the Magasin du Nord, the new Opera House and the beautiful Børsen from the 17th century.

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Charles bridge in Prague

Was in Prague early October 2015 for the second time. Spend some time for long exposure in the evening and the next morning for sunrise. Was surprised with some really great colours in the morning. Blue hour went red and I really liked it. Even saw a Chinese couple doing some wedding shots in the famous Charles bridge.

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Blue Port Hamburg

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