Last light of 2016

Ok, it was not the last light of 2016 - but I came close. I went for a stroll around the harbour after finishing work for 2016 on December 30. Barely made it for sunset at Baumwall metro station and at least catched the second to last light in 2016. I love the architecture of the new installation for flood control around. It is white, clean and modern and the stairs make it way more accessible than the previous installation.


I also walked down to the Überseebrücke to enjoy the view towards our new landmark. You can see that the Elbphilharmonie is perfectly positioned towards sunset.

I took the metro for one more station and stepped out at Landungsbrücken, my favorite harbour spot in Hamburg. It was already blue hour and I climbed a few steps up towards the youth hostel. You have a perfect lookout from up there. I saw three men lining up perfectly next to the tower of Landungsbrücken which indicates the water gauge in the port. I love silhouettes!


I also stiched a panorama of the Landsbrücken afterwards from up high. I like how trees look during the winter months. They also make for nice clean silhouettes.